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Short Story Episodes

Short 7-10 minute episodes about one specific nomad-related topic.
Travel Online Business Short Story

The Ideal Travel Speed When Building A Business On The Road [SHORT STORY #7]

Cam Woodsum runs eight (8!) businesses at the same time. I think it's safe to say he knows a thing or two about staying productive on the road. In this part of the interview, Cam and I talk about what we think is the ideal tr...

Online Business Short Story

Is Bali The Perfect Place To Start And Scale An Online Business? [SHORT STORY #6]

Christa Romano has been traveling while working remotely for years, before she decided to start her own business. The pandemic hit, and she decided to settle down in Bali to get her business started. That turned out to be a g...

Digital Nomad Lifestyle Short Story

Using Stepping Stones To Figure Out What Your Dream Life Looks Like [SHORT STORY #5]

Are you not sure which nomad career would work for you? Are you looking for your purpose, but no idea how to find out what that is? In this part of my interview with Sami Reed Cleaver, she walks us through all the stepping st...

Digital Nomad Lifestyle Short Story

How To Get Away From The Hustle Culture [SHORT STORY #4]

I thought I got away from the hustle culture by quitting my job and taking off to travel, but it turned out that I took the hustle with me! This part of my interview with Matthew Turner will give you some tools and tips on ho...

Online Business Short Story

Listen To This Before Starting Your Online Business [SHORT STORY #3]

I started my own online business 3 years ago and I'm not gonna lie- it has been TOUGH. I expected it to be challenging, but this was more than challenging. I personally had no idea what I got myself into when I started my onl...

Remote Job (9-5) Short Story

Building A Remote Career From Scratch [SHORT STORY #2]

How to find a fun, well-paid, remote job when you're fresh out of college and have no experience? That's the question Daphnée asked herself after freelancing for a while. She loved digital nomad life, but she didn't love not ...

Digital Nomad Lifestyle Short Story

Dana's Experience Teaching English In Vietnam [SHORT STORY #1]

Teaching English is a great way to go abroad, without having to figure out the whole remote work thing (yet). That's exactly what Dana did 4 years ago. Now that borders open, visas are available again, and everyone is excited...