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Oct. 27, 2022

How To Make Friends And Build Community Wherever You Go [SHORT STORY #22]

As a digital nomad who travels all the time, it's usually easy to meet new people, but it can be difficult to build deep friendships. Everyone is leaving all the time, so how do you build that real & deep connection with someone?

That's what Kendra and Whitney Buchmann talk about in this week's short story episode.

Listen to the full interview here: What It Means To Be Locally Rooted And Globally Minded w/ Whitney Buchmann


[Over the past months, I've interviewed a lot of nomads, and I've learned SO much from them. I wanted to highlight some of the key insights I got from all the interviews released so far.

I decided to release a 10-15 min Short Story episode every Thursday, in addition to the full interviews which go live every Monday.]