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Oct. 20, 2022

Travel & Entrepreneurship As A Fast-Track To Personal Development [SHORT STORY #21]

Stacyann Forrester left her corporate job to start her own business while living in Mexico. She was not unhappy, but she just felt like there was more to life. So she started researching how to become location independent and start an online business.

In this part of the interview I did with Stacyann, we talk about travel, entrepreneurship and personal development - and especially about how they're all related.

Listen to the full interview here: How To Prep And Plan For Transitioning Into A Nomadic Lifestyle


[Over the past months, I've interviewed a lot of nomads, and I've learned SO much from them. I wanted to highlight some of the key insights I got from all the interviews released so far.

I decided to release a 10-15 min Short Story episode every Thursday, in addition to the full interviews which go live every Monday.]