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Aug. 11, 2022

How To Find Motivation To Work When You're A Self Employed Digital Nomad [SHORT STORY #11]

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Yassine has the coolest digital nomad job I've ever heard of: he's an ethical hacker. That also means that his pay can be unstable and that no one will tell him that he needs to work. So where does he get the motivation to open his laptop when he's at an amazing location?

That's what we talk about in my favorite part of my interview with Yassine.

Listen to the full interview here:The perfect digital nomad job, Yassine is an ethical hacker

[Over the past months, I've interviewed a lot of nomads, and I've learned SO much from them. I wanted to highlight some of the key insights I got from all the interviews released so far.

I decided to release a 10-15 min Short Story episode every Thursday, in addition to the full interviews which go live every Monday.]