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Sept. 15, 2022

How Steph Transitioned From A Traditional Career To A Remote Career [SHORT STORY #16]

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Transitioning from a traditional career to a remote career is not always as easy as it sounds. Sometimes, you might have to do some things to make your CV more appealing to hiring managers for remote jobs. And not just that, Steph has a lot more tips on how to get your first remote job.

Listen to the full interview here:Are You Taking Enough Time To Explore What You Want In Life? Steph Smith About Exploring Vs. Exploiting

[Over the past months, I've interviewed a lot of nomads, and I've learned SO much from them. I wanted to highlight some of the key insights I got from all the interviews released so far.

I decided to release a 10-15 min Short Story episode every Thursday, in addition to the full interviews which go live every Monday.]