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March 1, 2021

Using your current skills to start a digital nomad career, with Gertrud Tavernier

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Do you feel like digital nomad life is not possible for you, because your job doesn't allow you to work remotely? That's what Gertrud thought when she worked in the pharmaceutical industry. She decided to expand her skillset and started her digital nomad career combining her previous and new skills. 

After obtaining her doctor's degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences in December 2012, Gertrud decided to dive deeper in alternative medicine such as herbal and Chinese medicine as well as Ayurveda, but also in movement studies such as yoga, free movement & dance. She inherited the entrepreneurial spirit and founded, next to her career as medical writer, several other projects, including activewear label BoerlinBoerds and Movement & Health coaching Go With Gertrud. 

She offers a buffet of health, for you to pick and choose from. Inspiring with movement, nutrition, sleep & mindset. Realizing we often forget to include attention to healthy sensuality, she created the elegant sensual audio app Maeve to offer you a hands-on tool for healthy intimate pleasure. 

Now that's a career change! 

Listen to this episode to hear Gertrud's digital nomad story.

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