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March 1, 2021

Lagos, Portugal is the new digital nomad hotspot in Europe

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Beach, surfing, a growing digital nomad community with lots of meet ups... That's what you get when you go to Lagos, Portugal. This upcoming digital nomad hotspot is high on my list of future destinations. 

In this episode, Joana (founder of Lagos Digital Nomads) will tell you everything about her town and why it's perfect for digital nomads.


Traveling & Meeting People are Joana’s greatest Passions! Graduated in Hotel Management, at the age of 26 decided to start her own business – she opened 2 Guesthouses in Lagos.

Freedom to put her ideas and vision into practice, as well as geographical freedom, were always her biggest motivations. The search for more knowledge and the desire to expand her networking made her move to Lisbon. Many doors opened to her with the launch of “Eat at a Local’s” platform. Helping other entrepreneurs launching their own projects become also a project with mentoring and career coaching sessions. 

In the meantime, the pandemic arrived, and all her projects are on stand-by, but she found an opportunity with Digital Nomads! She launched herself into a new project, which according to her words is “the best of my worlds: tourism, entrepreneurship & networking”.

31STAugust was “Lagos Digital Nomads” first Meet Up, and since then, the group has been growing. Many Digital Nomads are coming to Lagos and she is now working on the website. Once the website is ready, she is pretty sure that more people will know about Lagos as a great destination for Digital Nomads and also wants to connect them with local entrepreneurs, helping like this local economy. 


Connect with Joana:

- On instagram @lagos.digitalnomads

- Website coming soon


Connect with Anne:

- On instagram @adventurous.anne

- Learn more about my business: The Podcast Babes


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