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These guests share how they live their digital nomad life and what their days look like.
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Digital nomad life in 2003 - without ANY technology

I don't know about you, but I rely heavily on my iphone with google maps when I'm traveling. I look up public transport, reviews for restaurants, how far is my airbnb from the beach? Augustas was a "digital nomad" before this...

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Using your current skills to start a digital nomad career, with Gertrud Tavernier

Do you feel like digital nomad life is not possible for you, because your job doesn't allow you to work remotely? That's what Gertrud thought when she worked in the pharmaceutical industry. She decided to expand her skillset ...

Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Using Human Design to structure digital nomad life, with Nienke Appels

Living like a digital nomad gives you all the freedom in the world. But that can also be quite overwhelming... How can you structure your days in a way that feels good for YOU? That's what I'll be talking about with Nienke Ap...

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Digital nomad life in 2020 - recap

2020 was eventful and that's an understatement. I decided to record an episode about my 2020. Where I traveled to, what I worked on and what my plans are for 2021. So listen in to hear me ramble on about all that... Connect w...