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Oct. 3, 2022

How To Not Burn Out From The Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Flights, time zone changes, making new friends, loneliness... The digital nomad lifestyle looks awesome on instagram, but it's not always easy. How can you make sure you're happy while dealing with all the challenges nomading throws your way?

That's what Kendra and Katharina Trachte talk about in this week's episode. They go into 7 recommendations on how to life a balanced digital nomad life. A must-listen for our mental health. 


Katharina Trachte is digital nomad since 2019, and works as a yoga teacher. She and Kendra met in Colombia, and what really impressed and inspired Kendra was her journey. She was crossing North and Central America in her camper van (from Canada to Colombia). During this journey, she did her yoga teacher training in Guatemala. 


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