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Solo Travel Tips And Tricks From Dr. Mary Travelbest

Dr. Mary Travelbest has been traveling solo for almost 5 decades. Her first trip was to New York City when she was only 15 years old! In this episode, Dr. Mary will share some of her most important lessons that she learnt fro...

Online Business Travel

Going Through Hardships And Making Sacrifices To Becoming A Location Independent Entrepreneur, With Ella Cook

Life hasn't been easy for Ella Cook. She's a digital nomad now, running her business location independent from Bali. But it hasn't been easy to get here. Ella grew up in Zambia, went to high school and university in the UK, a...


Learning Languages And Connecting Different Cultures, With Hebah Nigm

Hebah speaks 6 (SIX!) languages fluently. she also has a YouTube channel called Hebah's Rollercoaster where she shares videos about languages, language learning, and differences between cultures. In this episode, Hebah and I ...

Digital Nomad Lifestyle Travel

Teaching english and settling down in Merida, Mexico

Kat has been teaching English for a decade. She started her digital nomad journey as a nanny in Paris and taught online and in class for years after that. Listen to this episode to hear everything about Kat's experience with ...

Travel Location Independent Freelancing

Seasonal Work To Getting Paid To Travel As A Travel Writer, with Anny Woolridge

Anny is an amazing travel writer who wrote for We Are Travel Girls, Culture Trip, World Nomads, and more impressive titles. In this episode, we talk about how Anny started her career as a travel writer, how she worked seasona...

Digital Nomad Lifestyle Travel

Lagos, Portugal is the new digital nomad hotspot in Europe

Beach, surfing, a growing digital nomad community with lots of meet ups... That's what you get when you go to Lagos, Portugal. This upcoming digital nomad hotspot is high on my list of future destinations. In this episode, Jo...

Digital Nomad Lifestyle Travel

Digital nomad life in 2003 - without ANY technology

I don't know about you, but I rely heavily on my iphone with google maps when I'm traveling. I look up public transport, reviews for restaurants, how far is my airbnb from the beach? Augustas was a "digital nomad" before this...