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Nov. 3, 2022

Behind-the-scenes Of Building A Startup While Living As A Digital Nomad [SHORT STORY #23]

Sondre quit his corporate job, moved to Berlin to lower his living expenses and started both his startup and freelance career at the same time. Fast forward to 2022: he is now the CEO and co-founder of SafetyWing, an insurance provider for digital nomads.

In this part of my interview with Sondre Rasch, you get the real behind-the-scenes of what it's like to build a startup from scratch.

Listen to the full interview here: How Sondre Rasch, Co-Founder Of SafetyWing, Makes Long Term Travel And Digital Nomad Life Easier


[Over the past months, I've interviewed a lot of nomads, and I've learned SO much from them. I wanted to highlight some of the key insights I got from all the interviews released so far.

I decided to release a 10-15 min Short Story episode every Thursday, in addition to the full interviews which go live every Monday.]


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